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Student Services

Student Services

Student Organizations

SIU offers opportunities for students to get involved in a wide range of student organizations.  Each year, student leaders organize a variety of events and programs ranging from academic panel discussions to community service projects to social events like the Student Bar Association’s annual Chili & Trivia contest.

Student and Family Support Services

There is an extensive network of support services for students and their families here at SIU and in the surrounding community and it is important to be aware of that as a law student. It takes more than intelligence and hard work to succeed in law school. If you are not feeling well physically or emotionally, are experiencing relationship difficulties, are afraid for your personal safety or the safety of others you care about, or you need to arrange for child care or other services for your children if you are a parent as well as a student, it can make it more difficult for you to get all that you want to out of your law school experience.

Student Employment

A list of available positions at the School of Law is made available each spring semester.