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Click and Learn: A Guide to Civil Procedure. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 2016 (with Susan Gilles and Cynthia M. Ho) [IN PRESS].


Contributing author, A Judge’s Guide: Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases, Diane Boyd Rauber, ed. Washington, D.C.: ABA Center on Children and the Law, 2001.


"'Hacking' Service of Process: Using Social Media to Provide Constitutionally Sufficient Notice of Process." 38 University of Arkansas Little Rock Law Review (2016) [IN PRESS].

"An Active Learning Approach to Teaching Tough Topics: Personal Jurisdiction as an Example." 65 Journal of Legal Education 4 (Summer 2016) (with Cynthia M. Ho and Susan G. Gilles) [IN PRESS].

"Optimizing the Law School Classroom through the ‘Flipped Classroom Model.’" 20 The Law Teacher 58-63 (Fall 2013).

"Can Granny Have a New Home? A Proposal for Determining a Change in an Incompetent’s Domicile for Diversity Jurisdiction." 79 University of Colorado Law Review 545-585 (2008).

"A Postmodern Deconstruction of Frozen Embryo Disputes." 39 Connecticut Law Review 2109-2147 (2007).

"The Deep Freeze: A Critical Examination of the Resolution of Frozen Embryo Disputes Through the Adversarial Process." 33 Florida State University Law Review 395-435 (2005).

"Right to Recovery for Infringement Under 42 U.S.C. §1983: Is the Impact to the Parent-Child Relationship the Proper Focus for the Court?" 20 Children’s Legal Rights Journal 2-14 (Fall 2000).


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