Black Law Student Association hosts 'Black Lives Matter' Day of Action Vigil

Southern Illinois University



Black Law Student Association hosts 'Black Lives Matter' Day of Action Vigil

October 22, 2014


The SIU Law Chapter of the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) held a vigil today at the SIU School of Law to join in solidarity with other groups across the nation in a "Black Lives Matter" day of action.

Students, faculty and staff attended the event which began with statements from several members of BLSA.

"Some may ask the question, why are we here and why is this cause so important and urgent?" said first-year law student Willie Lyles III.

"A friend of mine, Dr. Katrina Gamble, summed it up this way -- 'We are fighting for our humanity. ..... When I think one day my young nephew’s life might be in danger for simply existing in his black skin, the urgency of this fight is undeniable. What is at stake can’t be captured with words. It can only be felt and seen in the eyes of those weary from the heartache and rage that comes with seeing so many black lives taken.'"

To commemorate the event and to identify with others involved in the movement, the students then unrolled a banner from the second floor balcony which read "#Black Lives Matter."

During the final portion of the program, several students took turns at the podium reading the names of those who had lost their lives as a result of police violence. Along with their names, they read their age at death, and if available, their last words. After each name was read, the audience joined in saying "we shall not forget."

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