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Tax Law


Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute, Income Tax Law: An Overview
Provides a brief overview of the topic with a sidebar menu of links to primary source material (e.g., state and federal statutes, judicial decisions, and regulations) and key internet sources.

Justia: Tax Overview
This page is part of Justia's Legal Practice Areas portal, which provides overviews and links to relevant articles, web resources, laws, news, glossaries, blogs, blog posts, lawyers & attorneys, with cross-references to related practice areas and subtopics, including Capital Gains Tax, Estate Planning, Estate Tax, and Sales Tax.

U.S. Government Information

Internal Revenue Code (Title 26 of the U.S. Code)
Appendix to Title 26
Publisher: Cornell Law School. Legal Information Institute.

Internal Revenue Service
Includes forms and publications, Frequently Asked Questions, and information on compliance & enforcement, contacting a local office, e-file, taxpayer advocacy, and where to file.

United States Tax Court
Includes Opinions, Docket Inquiry, Forms, Rules of Practice and Procedure, Taxpayer Information, and other information.

Databases and Current Awareness

CCH Tax Research Network—you may need to click on Login at the first page, but no password is required if accessed from a computer on the law school network. (Available to SIU Law Users Only).

National Tax Journal—online archive of articles. Law faculty and students may obtain user name and password from a reference librarian. (Available to SIU Law Users Only).

BNA DATABASES (Available to SIU Law Users Only). The law library subscribes to over 100 BNA databases. SIU Law Faculty, Staff, and Students Only: Sign up for BNA email summaries.

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