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General Intellectual Property Law

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Justia: Intellectual Property Overview
This page is part of Justia's Legal Practice Areas portal, which provides overviews, as well as links to relevant web resources, laws, news, glossaries, blogs, blog posts, lawyers & attorneys, with cross-references to related practice areas and subtopics, including Copyrights, Internet, Licensing, Patents, Trade Secrets, and Trademarks.

Pierce Law's IP MALL
The IP Mall provides information and links to a vast array of valuable online resources. The site hosts a number of resources including Congressional Research Service IP reports, IP Law Decisions, IP Related Reports Produced by U.S. Government Agencies, and much more. The websites list is a comprehensive and detailed catalog of intellectual property issues. The IP Mall also has an IP News Blog.


American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

Databases and Current Awareness

BNA DATABASES (Available to SIU Law Users Only). The law library subscribes to over 100 BNA databases. SIU Law Faculty, Staff, and Students Only: Sign up for BNA email summaries.

The following are the BNA databases on intellectual property:

Intellectual Property Blogs

IP News Blog
Brought to you by the Pierce Law IP Mall.

IP Newsflash

I/P Updates

Lessig Blog

PHOSITA - an intellectual property weblawg

See other Intellectual Property Law Resources.


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