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Energy Law

See other Environmental and Natural Resources Law.

Environment Reporter
Current reports providing coverage of legislative, regulatory, legal, and policy news concerning the environment, plus authoritative documentation of federal laws, rules, cases, and mining regulation. Includes full text judicial opinions, rulings, and memoranda. The license to this database restricts access to SIU Law Users only.
Publisher: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.

Pace Law School Energy Project
Part of the Pace Law School's environmental law program, this project works at the nexus of environmental law, energy law, and economic policy. We use research, education and advocacy to promote sustainable energy as a means of reducing the global burden of pollution.

United States Government Information

Code of Federal Regulations Title 10 - Energy
For more federal regulations, check the index to the Code of Federal Regulations at KF70 .A3 or search the CFR at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/cfr/index.html.

Department of Energy
Use links in the left column to find information by topic or the Offices & Facilities tab for specific programs. There are also search boxes on every page.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil, and electricity. FERC also regulates natural gas and hydropower projects.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Regulates U.S. commercial nuclear power plants and the civilian use of nuclear materials. Electronic Reading Room includes regulations, reports, and other

State Information

Illinois Commerce Commission
Duties include ensuring the citizens of Illinois safe, efficient, reliable, and uninterrupted utility service at reasonable prices; regulating the financial organization of utility companies so that they provide such services, and, at the same time, providing utility companies with the opportunity to earn a reasonable profit; ensuring the public safety through the inspection of natural gas pipelines operating within Illinois.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Includes information about the DNR and its programs, publications, research and surveys, existing and proposed administrative rules, press releases and announcements.

Illinois Division of Nuclear Safety
Includes information about the DNR and its programs, FAQs, notices, publications, authorizing statutes, existing and proposed regulations.
Publisher: Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

International Information

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Works with its Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies.

OGEL - Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence - Global Energy Law Portal
Global Energy Law Portal from Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections. Provides a newsletter and access to an extensive, and rapidly growing, database of 'primary legal/regulatory' materials.

Non-Governmental Organizations

ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

Energy Bar Association (EBA)
Non-profit voluntary association of attorneys and non-attorney professionals whose mission is to enhance the professional competence of those who practice and administer energy law.

EnviroLink Network
Non-profit organization that has been providing access to thousands of online environmental resources since 1991.

Environmental Organization WebDirectory!
Links to a wide range of environmental organizations.

United States Energy Association (USEA)
Association of public and private energy-related organizations, corporations, and government agencies. USEA represents the broad interests of the U.S. energy sector by increasing the understanding of energy issues, both domestically and internationally, and coordinates participation of the United States in the World Energy Council (WEC).

World Energy Council
Global multi-energy organisation with Member Committees in over 90 countries, including most of the largest energy-producing and energy consuming countries. The 80-year-old organisation covers all types of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, and renewables, and is UN-accredited, non-governmental, non-commercial and non-aligned.

See other Environmental and Natural Resources Law.


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