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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): An Overview
This article was originally one of the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute's "Law About ..." pages. It provides a brief overview of the topic with a sidebar menu of links to primary source material, key internet sources, and useful offnet and subscription sources.

ADR LAW Information Journal
Online Journal of Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and Complementary Dispute Resolution Techniques, edited by Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax), Widener University School of Law.

United States Government Information

Federal Judicial Center
The FJC has a number of publications on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

U.S. Code Title 9 - Arbitration
Part of Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute.

U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Dispute Resolution
Coordinates the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for the USDOJ.

State Information

Illinois Statutes on Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 710 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes is only the main grouping of Illinois statutes on this topic. For more Illinois statutes, check the index to the Illinois Compiled Statutes at KFI1230.3 .A3, or search the statutes at http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs.asp.

State Statutes Dealing with Alternative Dispute Resolution
One of the Legal Information Institute's State Statutes by Topic pages.
Publisher: Cornell Law School. Legal Information Institute.

Uniform Arbitration Act

International Information

UNCITRAL Texts on International Commercial Arbitration & Conciliation

Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)

A Selective Guide to Online International Arbitration Resources
An LLRX.com feature by Gloria Miccioli, published June 21, 2004.


ABA Section of Dispute Resolution
The section's website includes ADR policies, information about section events and projects, order forms for publications, and a number of free ADR resources.

American Arbitration Association
The American Arbitration Association offers services including education and training, publications and the resolution of a wide range of disputes through mediation, arbitration, elections and other out-of-court settlement techniques. The purpose of its website is to provide comprehensive and up-to-the-minute information about mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems (CAADRS)
The mission of CAADRS is to encourage effective and efficient use of court-related alternative dispute resolution in Illinois. The purpose of its website is to provide information, research and analysis of court-related ADR in Illinois. Available resources include materials of interest to those involved in court-related ADR, including articles, studies, statistics, books, and programs; information on court-related ADR programs in Illinois; a listing of Illinois Mediation Programs with Reduced Fees or Pro Bono Services; and the CAADRS Newsletter.

Mediation Association of Southern Illinois (MASI)
MASI is an organization of professionals who are trained mediators and who share the common goal of providing mediation services, promoting ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), providing ongoing inservice and skill development, and creating a list of mediators approved by the First Judicial Circuit of Illinois. Its website includes information on Family Mediation, Mediation of Major Civil Cases, Mediation of Business Matters, Mediation of Employment Matters, Mediation and Senior Citizens, Mediation and College Students, and Peer Mediation. The site will help you locate a mediator in the First Judicial Circuit (counties of Alexander, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pulaski, Pope, Saline, Williamson and Union) and direct you to other sources for mediators in other counties.

University of Colorado Conflict Research Consortium
Comprehensive Gateway to the Websites of the University of Colorado Conflict Research Consortium.


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