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SIU law students receive a rigorous legal education in a supportive learning environment. All students have a uniform first-year curriculum.  A broad range of courses are offered in the second and third years.  SIU Law is at the forefront of legal education in providing a Writing Across the Curriculum program.  Our students acquire strong legal writing skills by practicing those skills in all courses and receiving substantial constructive critiques of their work throughout the three-year curriculum.  It's just one of the ways we help our students turn theory into the practical skills that help them succeed in practice.

Degree Programs

Find information here about the SIU School of Law: Juris Doctor (JD) degree.  Learn also about Joint Degree Programs and JD Specializations that allow students to earn a transcript notation and certificate acknowledging their completion of a specially designed course of study in a particular area of law practice specialization.


Find course descriptions, a check sheet of required courses, list of concentrations, information about the grading system, and a link to Saluki-Net for registration purposes.


Learn more about how you can earn academic credit while serving residents in a 13-county area in southern Illinois. Our legal clinics offer students the opportunity to work closely with clinical faculty while representing clients in one of three clinical programs:  Civil Practice/Elderly; Domestic Violence; and Juvenile Justice.

Centers & Programs

Field Experiences

Law Journal

Semester Information

Find information here about the current and future semesters, including semester class schedules and calendars, final examination schedules, a list of courses offered and extended course descriptions, syllabi for all courses textbooks to be used for each class, and, for past semesters, the Dean’s List and Grade Distribution. 

Rules & Honor Code

Find the text of School of Law Rules, including a complete PDF version of the Rules, and excerpts covering grades; academic standing, probation, and withdrawal; outside employment; and legal clinic.