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JD Program | School of Law | SIU

JD Program

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree is a post-baccalaureate program designed for those who wish to practice law. Traditionally, the 90-credit hour program takes three years to complete. Students who enroll in two continuous summer sessions may be eligible to graduate in two and one-half years. This program is a full-time, day-time program with fall admission only. This program is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The School of Law does not offer a formal part-time program.  

Our J.D. program selectively admits a small class of students each year, so you each get the personal attention you deserve. SIU Law focuses on taking the theoretical and turning it into what works. You’ll master theory. But you’ll also learn to understand that theory will only take you so far. To go the distance, you’ll develop a skill set that you’ll never stop adapting—skills that are in short supply yet great demand.

Our curriculum equips you for a career in any environment—from a legal aid office to a large urban law firm, from a corporate boardroom to a government agency.

Requirements for the J.D. Degree

  • Successful completion of the first-year Academic Success Program
  • 11 First-Year Required Courses (32 Credit Hours)
  • 4 Upper-Level Required Courses (14 Credit Hours)
  • Academic Advising Menu: Substance (must take 4 from list of 14 courses) (10 to 12 Credit Hours)
  • Academic Advising Menu: Experiential Education (must take 6 credits from list of approved Experiential Education Menu courses)
  • 1 Course to Fulfill Senior Writing Requirement (3 to 5 Credit Hours)
  • Passing Grade of 1.8 in all required courses
  • Overall cumulative GPA of 2.300 or above AND cumulative GPA of 2.300 or above in third-year of law school
  • Completion of no less than thirty-five (35) hours of approved pro bono work
  • Total of 90 Credits Needed for the J.D. Degree

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