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Degree Programs

JD Program

The Juris Doctor (JD) degree is a post-baccalaureate program designed for those who wish to practice law. Traditionally, the 90-credit hour program takes three years to complete. Students who enroll in two continuous summer sessions may be eligible to graduate in two and one-half years. This program is a full-time, day-time program with fall admission only. This program is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

Joint Degree Programs

Students begin a joint degree program upon the successful completion of their first year of law school. Admission to a joint degree program is subject to the approval of the Associate Dean of the School of Law and the program representative in the non-law department. Students must gain admission to both programs.


Students enrolled in the JD Program can pursue a specially designed course of study in a particular area of law practice specialization.  Students who successfully complete the requirements of a specialization earn a transcript notation and certificate acknowledging their completion.