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Civil Service Staff

Linda Clendenin

Clinic Secretary

Linda Clendenin

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 177
Phone: (618)-453-8776

Linda works in the School of Law Legal Clinic where she supports the Legal Clinic Director, Faculty & Students. She also manages the Legal Clinic Office.  Linda is also responsible for the supervision of student employees and maintaining clinic student work hours. She also full profile >>

Paul Davis

Library Circulation

Paul Davis


Cynthia Heisner

Faculty Secretary

Cynthia Renee Heisner

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 248
Phone: (618)-453-8738

Jane Miller

Library Specialist - Serials

Jane (Marilyn) Miller

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 168D
Phone: (618)-453-8794

Jane Miller works in the Technical Services area of the Lesar Law Library as a library specialist. She is responsible for the check-in operation of all serials and the maintenance of the loose-leaf services in the library. She had previously worked in the Microforms area of the Lesar Law Library. She has full profile >>

Monica Murray

Office Manager


Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 104
Phone: (618)-453-8858

Julie Rottschalk-Bird

Admissions Aide

Julie Rottschalk-Bird

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 104D 
Phone: (618)-453-8767

Katie Rumsey

Office Support Specialist

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 130
Phone: (618)-453-

Barbara Smith

Project Information Coordinator

Barbara H. Smith

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 104E
Phone: (618)-453-3258

Barb has been with the School of Law for 20 years. Her duties include: + Designs layout and artwork for print, electronic publications, and web pages to promote educational programs and events using page-layout and graphics software, including InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.+ full profile >>

Michele Tourville

Dean's Assistant

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 133
Phone: (618)-453-8761

Michele is the Dean's assistant for the SIU School of Law.

Thomas Underwood

IT Associate

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 116
Phone: (618)-453-1205

Maryl Wildermuth

Business Manager

Office: Lesar Law Building, Library, Room 173
Phone: (618)-453-8720