Criminal Law Links

T he SIU School of Law Provides the Following Links for Informational Purposes Only.  Th Information found on these sites should be Read and Used at the user 's own Risk.  The SIU School of Law is not responsible nor do we make any claims or representations regarding either the Accuracy  or the applicability of the Information or advice  Found on the Following Sites.

Free site is useful for anyone charged with DUI.   Provides answers to FAQs, and has feature that allows user to ask DUI related questions via email; receive a response from a real attorney.  Free defense attorney directory.

American Civil Liberties Union   

Official Web site of the American Civil Liberties Union website.  This link will take you directly to the criminal justice section of their website.  Provides links to such information as “your rights with the police,” and links to other sights such as the Prison Rights Project and the Justice Information Center.  

American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section

This is the criminal justice section of the American Bar Association official website.  Provides information on criminal justice standards for such topics as pretrial release and criminal appeals.

American Bar Association, Pro Bono Program Directory

Directory of pro bono programs across the U.S. provided by the American Bar Association.  Click on the state to see the pertaining pro bono programs.  Notice:  only some of these programs provide assistance in criminal matters.  

Website offers free advice and definitions for some of the most common criminal situations.  Assistance with matters such as Drug Crimes, Drunk Driving, and Juvenile Law.  Also offers helpful links services such as “find a lawyer” and “state law center.”

National Criminal Justice Reference Service  

Official website of National Criminal Justice Reference Service.  Provides comprehensive information on popular criminal justice topics.  Database includes expansive information on articles and press releases related to criminal justice.