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Child Support/Visitation/Custody: Packets

We are in the process of modifying our forms and information packets on child support, visitation, and custody to conform to changes in Illinois law . The new packets are not yet available. If you need materials right away, Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO), another self-help organization in Illinois, may have what you need. Their materials are available online at (type the words child support or visitation or custody where it asks you to identify your legal problem and press enter for a list of resources). Note though that materials from ILAO are only available online. If you need materials mailed to you, contact us at (618) 453-3217 to ask us to mail one of our new packets to you when they are ready.

Please note that if you decide to file a matter in court and would like to ask the court to consider waiving the costs of the procedure because of your limited income,  the forms and instructions for doing so are available from the Illinois Supreme Court website here.


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