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  • By Phone: (618) 453-3217

  • In Person: The Self Help Legal Center office is located in the Southern Illinois University School of Law Library ((Lesar Law Building), in Room 182, at 1150 Douglas Drive, in Carbondale, Illinois. (for directions and information about parking please go to For information about the hours of the Law School Library go to sure to look for the dates that you are planning on coming to the Law Library as its hours of operation vary depending on whether school is in session). Information about hours is also available by phone at (618) 453-8796.

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    Services: What We Can and Cannot Do For You – A MUST Read!

  • By contacting the Center you are not forming an attorney-client relationship. We are not licensed attorneys, just student volunteers and legal reference librarians. You are NOT our client. We are NOT representing you. Information that you give us is not confidential, so do not give us any facts or information about yourself that you would not want to share with the outside world.

  • We CANNOT provide legal advice or answer legal questions such as "what is the law on …?", "can I evict someone if I give them notice?", "do I have to file an answer?", "should I give up custody, file for divorce, or get an order of protection, etc.?" If you want legal advice you need to see an attorney and we encourage you to do so. The Illinois State Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service and contact information for attorneys who have agreed to provide a half-hour consultation for $25, accessible at For more on finding an attorney in Illinois go to"".

  • We CANNOT fill out or help you fill out any forms that we may give or mail to you or that you download from the website or find in the Law Library.

  • We CAN talk to you about the Center’s self-help forms and information packets and can mail you sets if you are not able to download them or come to the Center to pick up what you need. We can also answer questions about the meaning of words and phrases used in a form and the meaning of the form itself, but you should look through the information packets for definitions and explanations that are included there before asking such questions. If you are unable to understand the forms/packets and/or how to use them even after we answer a few of these sorts of questions you should probably not be trying to represent yourself.

  • Student volunteer staffing at the Self Help Legal Center office is dependent on availability of law student volunteers, which can vary over the course of the school year and is very limited during the weeks leading up to examinations and during school vacations. Keep in mind please that while the student volunteers strive to return your voice mail messages promptly there are times when delays may occur. If that should occur you can also call the reference desk and talk to the reference librarian on duty at (618) 453-8708.

  • Forms & Information Packets

    IMPORTANT! If you are filing an action in Jackson County and want to ask the court to waive filing fees you will need to use the Application and Affidavit to Waive Filing Fees in Jackson County, which you can download here, instead of the Application to Sue as a Poor Person, which is included in some of the packets available for download below.