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Lauren Baruzzini

Lauren Baruzzini, J.D., 2013

Hometown: St. Charles, Missouri
Undergraduate: Political Science and minor in Mass Communications at Southeast Missouri State University

What do you like/enjoy about your experience at the SIU School of Law?

I have been pleasantly surprised at the willingness of professors to help me with either class related problems or real life situations. Many times professors say they want you to come to them for help but when you do, their response to your request for help makes you feel like a minor annoyance - that does not happen here. In addition, many of the professors I have had know me by name, and could personally address me in the halls by the second week of the semester. With 70+ students in one class, the fact they could address me by name without a roll sheet in front of them shocked me - it made me think they really do make their students a priority and make extra efforts to get to know them.


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