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Jennifer Camero's Publications


Teaching Law Online. Lake Mary, FL.: Vandeplas Publishing, 2015.


"Mission Impracticable: The Impossibility of Impracticability." 13 University of New Hampshire Law Review 1-34 (2015).

"Zombieland: Seeking Refuge from the Statute of Frauds in Contracts for the Sale of Goods and Services." 82 UMKC Law Review 1-28 (2013).

"Level Up: Employing the Commerce Clause to Federalize the Sale of Goods." 50 San Diego Law Review 89-124 (2013).

"Two Too Many: Third Party Beneficiaries of Warranties Under the Uniform Commercial Code." 86 St. John’s Law Review 1-30 (2012).

"United States vs. Arvizu: Investigatory Stops and the Fourth Amendment." 91 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology1033-1056 (2003) (student work).