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Civil Service Staff

Lisa David

Admissions Assistant

Lisa David

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 104
Phone: (618)-453-8858

Lisa joined the School of Law in November 2006. Previously, she worked in the School of Law Career Services Center, the Department of Agribusiness Economics in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. She earned her bachelor’s degree full profile >>

Paul Davis

Library Circulation


Staci Eakins

Administrative Aide

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 130
Phone: (618) 453-8736

Lee Greathouse

Information Technology Technical Associate

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 205A
Phone: (618)-453-3433

Paula Hartsock

Adminstrative Assistant

Paula Hartsock

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 212A
Phone: (618)-453-8730

Tracy Kaytor

Clinic Secretary

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 177
Phone: (618)-453-8776

Patty Lynn

Dean's Assistant

Patty Durall Lynn

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 133
Phone: (618)-453-8761

Patty Lynn is Dean Cynthia Fountaine's assistant for the SIU School of Law.

Carol Manis

Faculty Secretary

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 249
Phone: (618)-453-8719

Carol Manis lives in Murphysboro, IL with her husband (Bill) of almost 34 years, her dog, Emma, and her cat, Cole. She has worked in several postions at SIU Carbondale since 1987. She worked as a cashier at the Business Office in the Student Center; in Transcripts in Woody Hall; in the Alternative Dipsute full profile >>

Jane Miller

Library Specialist - Serials

Jane (Marilyn) Miller

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 177
Phone: (618)-453-8794

Jane Miller works in the Technical Services area of the Lesar Law Library as a library specialist. She is responsible for the check-in operation of all serials and the maintenance of the loose-leaf services in the library. She had previously worked in the Microforms area of the Lesar Law Library. She full profile >>

Sarah Robey

Library Tech

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 160
Phone: (618)-453-8798

Barbara Smith

Publications Assistant

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 114
Phone: (618)-453-3258

Jan Smith

Chief Clerk - Registrar's Office

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 130B
Phone: (618)-453-8765

Clarissa Voyles

Clerk - Registrar's Office

Room: Lesar Law Building, Room 130B

Phone: (618)-453-8799


Kristy White

Student Services Assistant

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 139
Phone: (618)-453-8299

Kristy has been with the School of Law since March, 2000 first as the Administrative Suite Receptionist for 14 years and recently has moved in to the position as Student Services Assistant. In this capacity, she is now working with Assistant Dean Judi Ray with Registered Student Organizations and Events such full profile >>

Maryl Wildermuth

Business Manager

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 104B
Phone: (618)-453-8720

Susan Williams

Faculty Secretary

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 223
Phone: (618)-453-8738

Michelle Winterrowd

Library Secretary

Office: Lesar Law Building, Room 177
Phone: (618)-453-8792