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Southern Illinois University



Michelle Kinneer

Class of 2002

Michelle Kinneer

Risk Manager/Patient Compliance Officer/Patient Safety Officer at Fort Madison Community Hospital, Fort Madison, Iowa
Faculty, University of Phoenix

"There is a sharp learning curve after you graduate, if you think you can just work Monday through Friday 9 to 5, you will be sadly mistaken. But, I wouldn’t change anything because I love it. What other career has this much variety?"

Educational Background:

J.D., SIU School of Law.

MSN, University of South Alabama.

BSN, Southeast Missouri State University

What is unique about your role in healthcare?

Health care changes almost daily. Every governmental agency, including the EPA and the Department of Transportation, has a role in regulating health care.  You have to be able to translate the research into a conversation that can be understood by somebody at every level of the organization.  You also have to be visible 24/7 so that you can build trust with people so that they will bring you the issues for you to deal with.

What skills have contributed to your  success?

Sustaining a relationship of trust, managing priorities, learning to figure out what the question is, and learning to give the reasons and explanations before you share your recommendation even when it’s a “no”.