SIU law students and professor serving on "It's On Us" task force

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SIU law students and professor serving on "It's On Us" task force

April 21, 2015

Jennifer BrobstProfessor Jennifer Brobst participated as a panelist for the It's On Us: A Community United in Change forum held last night at Morris Library on the SIU Carbondale campus.

Professor Brobst and SIU law students Candice Stearns, Jordan Homer, and Andriana Bicanin are serving on SIU's It's On Us task force. The student-led task force was formed last fall after the White House launched the public awareness and education campaign: “It’s On Us.”

The campaign and the SIU task force seek to engage college students and all members of campus communities in preventing sexual assault.

Speaking to The Southern Illinoisan after last night's forum, Professor Brobst, who is also the director of SIU Law's Center for Health Law and Policy, said that she was impressed by the diversity of discussion topics and participants.

“I was concerned that it might be a forum that was all talk, but both the panelists and the students insisted on talking about concrete steps. … I have hope that in a national climate where campuses are under fire, that SIU could emerge as a leader in treating their students well.”

See the Daily Egyptian article about the forum, and learn more about SIU's It's On Us Task Force here.