Symposium will explore isssues in organ donation

Southern Illinois University



Symposium will explore issues in organ donation

May 13, 2014, Pete Rosenbery

Two people who were involved last year in what became a national debate on organ transplants and children will be part of a discussion later this week at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  

“From Critical Shortage to Critical Mass: Addressing the Lack of Organ Donations” will examine possible ways to increase the number of organ donations and create a fair and sensible system that makes the best use of available organs. 

The 16th annual SIH/SIU Health Policy Institute is Friday, May 16, in the Hiram H. Lesar Building at the SIU School of Law.  There is also an option to attend via teleconference at the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield or the Illinois State Bar Association’s regional office in Chicago.

Among the presenters is attorney Stephen G. Harvey, a Philadelphia attorney who represented the family of Sarah Murnaghan, a Pennsylvania child whose need for a double-lung transplant because of cystic fibrosis prompted changes in lung transplant rules for children.  Another presenter, Dr. Stuart Sweet, is director of the pediatric lung transplant program at Washington University in St. Louis and chairs the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network’s policy oversight committee.

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