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Comparing the Publication of Federal Statutes and Regulations

Prepared by Frank Houdek, SIU Law Library — Spring 2008



United States Code / USCA / USCS

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


Federal statutes currently in force

Federal regulations currently in force; presidential documents (executive orders, proclamations) for preceding year


50 titles (covering general topics); subdivided by part, chapter, and section — CITE by title, section, & year of code; e.g., 42 U.S.C. § 1983 (2000)

50 titles (covering general topics, may have regulations from more than 1 agency); subdivided by chapters, parts, and sections — CITE by title, section, & year of code; e.g., 14 C.F.R. § 141.39(a) (2004)


in United States Code Annotated (USCA) or United States Code Service (USCS)

Westlaw's RegulationsPlus

Frequency of publication?

USC published every 6 years; individual volumes of USCA & USCS republished as needed

republished annually (in quarterly installments) in print and electronic formats (on GPO Access)


USC updated with annual hardcover supplements; USCA & USCS updated with pocket parts, supplementary pamphlets, and legislative services

updated by Federal Register


Current Database Identifier: USCA

Archives: prior versions available in USCA05, etc., back to USCA90.

Current Database Identifier: CFR

Archives: prior versions available in CFR04, etc., back to CFR84.


Current Source: USCS

Archives: USCS - Archive from 1992. Also available in USCS 2004, etc., back to USCS 1992.

Current Source: CFR

Archives: CFR Archives (all archives from 1981). Also available in CFR 2005, etc., back to CFR, 1981.



United States Statutes at Large (Stat) / USCCAN / USCS Advance

Federal Register


Newly enacted federal legislation

Final regulations; proposed regulations; notices; policy statements; guidelines re procedures; presidential documents (executive orders & proclamations)

Frequency of publication?

Stat. published annually; USCCAN & USCS Advance published periodically as needed during session of Congress

daily, Monday–Friday, except holidays, in both print and electronic (on GPO Access) versions


numerically arranged by public law number (i.e., Pub. L. No. 107–3, No. 107–4, No. 107–5, etc.)

paginated continuously through each volume — CITE by vol., page, and exact date; i.e., 67 Fed. Reg. 50,379 (August 2, 2002)


Current: US-PL

Archives: US-PL-OLD (1973–2000); and US-STATLRG (1789–1972).

Database Identifier: FR (July 1, 1980–present)


Current: USCS-Public Laws

Archives: USCS Statutes at Large Table (1789–last year)

Source: FR (July 1, 1980–present)

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