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Researching United States Supreme Court Justices

Law 590-202 Senior Seminar (Supreme Court Decisions)
Prepared by James E. Duggan, SIU Law Library – June 29, 2006

Note: PowerPoint Slides are available at: http://www.law.siu.edu/lawlib/guides/ResearchingUSSCtJustices.ppt

Getting Started: Researching the Supreme Court

  • Martin & Goehlert, How to Research the Supreme Court (CQ, 1992) [KF8741 .A1 M36 1992]
  • Stern, Gressman, Shapiro & Geller: Supreme Court Practice, 8th ed. (CQ, 2002) [Reserve KF 9057 .S8 2002]
  • Epstein, Segal, Spaeth & Walker, The Supreme Court Compendium: Data, Decisions & Development, 2nd ed. (CQ: 1996) [Reference KF 8742 .S86 1996]
  • Paddock, Facts about the Supreme Court of the United States (H.W. Wilson & Co., 1996) [Reference KF 8742 .P32 1996]
  • Bader & Mersky, The First One Hundred Eight Justices (W.S. Hein & Co., 2004) [KF 8744 .F48 2004]
  • Lambert, U.S. Supreme Court Research-Select Internet Sites [http://www.llrx.com/features/scourtsites.htm]
  • Official U.S. Supreme Court Website [http://www.supremecourtus.gov/]

How Have Justices Ruled in the Past?

What Alliances Have Justices Formed?

Justices: Oral Arguments & Responses

  • Supreme Court Website [http://www.supremecourtus.gov/]
  • Official transcript proceedings before the Supreme Court of the United States [Microform Fiche H-S 0254]
  • May it please the court [sound recording] : the most significant oral arguments made before the Supreme Court since 1955 [Audio 607]
  • OYEZ: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia [http://www.oyez.org/]


Speeches, Writings, Interviews

Biographical Information

  • Friedman and Israel, The Justices of the United States Supreme Court: Their Lives and Major Opinions (Vol. V, Chelsea House, 1995) [KF 8744 .F75 1995]
  • The American Bench: Judges of the Nation [Reference KF 8700 .A19 A5]
  • Almanac of the Federal Judiciary [Reference KF 8700 .A19 A4]

Biography Examples

  • Andrew Peyton Thomas, Clarence Thomas: a Biography (Encounter Books, 2001) [KF 8745 .T48 T48 2001]
  • Nancy Maveety, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: Strategist on the Supreme Court (Rowan & Littlefield, 1996) [KF 8745 .O25 M38 1996]
  • Kevin A. Ring, ed., Scalia Dissents : Writings of the Supreme Court's Wittiest, Most Outspoken Justice (Regnery, 2004) [KF213 .S32 2004]

Nomination/Confirmation Battles

  • Mersky & Jacobstein, The Supreme Court of the United States : hearings and reports on successful and unsuccessful nominations of Supreme Court Justices by the Senate Judiciary Committee, 1916-1993 (W.S. Hein & Co, 1993-1995) [KF 8744 .J88]

About the Justice: Books, Articles, etc.

  • OCLC FirstSearch [http://www.law.siu.edu/lawlib/resdata/index.htm]
  • Silverburg, Index to Law School Theses & Dissertations (W.S. Hein & Co., 1995) [Reference KF 1 .S55 1995]
  • Comprehensive Dissertation Index (Law & Political Science; Social Sciences and Humanities) [Reference Z 5053 C63]
  • Epstein & Knight, The Choices Justices Make (CQ Press, 1998) [KF8742 .E667 1998]
  • Johnson, Oral Arguments and Decision Making on the United States Supreme Court (SUNY Press, 2004) [KF8742 .J64 2004]
  • Cooper & Ball, The United States Supreme Court: From the Inside Out (Prentice Hall, 1996) [KF 8742 .C66 1996]
  • Perry, "The Supremes": Essays on the Current Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (Peter Lang, 1999) [KF 8744 .P47 1999]
  • Clayton & Gillman, Supreme Court Decision Making: New Institutionalist Approaches (University of Chicago Press, 1999) [KF 8748 .S878 1998]
  • Segal & Spaeth, The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model Revisited (Cambridge University Press, 2002) [KF 8742 .S43 2002]
  • Savage, Turning Right: The Making of the Rehnquist Supreme Court (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1992). [KF 8742 .S28 1992]

Political Science Studies/Forecasting Models

  • Morris Library | Databases & Articles by Subject: Law (includes Administration of Justice, Law, Government information, and Political science) [http://www.lib.siu.edu/resources/Law/]
  • Ruger, Kim, Martin, Quinn, "The Supreme Court Forecasting Project: Legal and Political Science Approaches to Predicting Supreme Court Decisionmaking," 104 Columbia L. Rev. 1150 (2004).
  • The Supreme Court Forecasting Project [http://wusct.wustl.edu/]

Other Sources

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