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Steps In Using the Code of Federal Regulations

Prepared by Frank Houdek, SIU Law Library — Spring 2008

DESCRIPTION OF STEP Print GPO Access / e–CFR Westlaw / LexisNexis

STEP 1: Identify Pertinent Regulations

Use "index" approach to identify CFR sections by subject; the name of appropriate agency is often a useful search term

Use "CFR Index" in CFR Index and Finding Aids volume at end of set

Use West's Code of Federal Regulations General Index [KF70.A34 W4]

GPO Use "Quick Search" box on CFR "Main Page" to search entire CFR

e–CFR Use "simple" or "advanced" search pages

W Subj. search in U.S. Fed. Materials → Admin. Rules & Regs → CFR–Current Version

L Subj. search in Fed. Legal–U.S. → CFR

Use "outline" approach to identify CFR sections by subject

Use "List of CFR Titles, Chapters, Subchapters and Parts" in CFR Index and Finding Aids volume at end of set

GPO Click on "Browse and/or Search" link on CFR "Main Page" → select title(s) → select chapter or part → continue to relevant §§

e–CFR Use "Browse" page

W Go to CFR database → click "Table of Contents" tab → select title (s) → select chapter or part → continue to relevant §§

L Go to Federal Legal–U.S. → CFR; click + to expand levels until you find relevant §§

Use "enabling statute" as access point to identify CFR sections promulgated under its authority

Use "Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules" in CFR Index and Finding Aids volume at end of set

Use electronic version of "Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules," available at http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/

W In CFR database, use "Credit" (CR) field to search for USC §

L In CFR database, use "Authority" segment to search for USC §

STEP 2: Retrieve Text of Pertinent Regulations

Locate and read CFR section(s) identified in Step 1
  • review other §§ in regulatory scheme for relevance
  • may review "source" (FR) where reg. originally published

Using most current edition of CFR available, go to title and section number(s)

  • review surrounding sections
  • go to FR listed as source, review comments made by issuing agency at time reg. was promulgated
  • have to review section by section
  • the FR source(s) are listed at end of §; for FR from 1995–present, can use "Retrieve an FR Page" function; for earlier FR cites, must use print or other source for FR

W Use "Table of Contents" link to get regulatory scheme OR use "next/previous section" functionality

Use "Source" link to get to FR link

L Use TOC view or "Book Browse"

Use "History" to get to FR link

STEP 3: Update Pertinent Regulations

Determine whether regulation(s) has been amended since last published in CFR
  • Consult most current LSA: List of CFR Sections Affected (pub. monthly) under title & section of regulation(s)
  • Consult "Cumulative List of CFR Parts Affected" in last Federal Register issue of each month not covered by latest LSA
  • Use link to LSA (on left frame) → Click on "Browsing" link → Select most recent month of LSA available after date of CFR → Select title → browse for § you are updating
  • click on "Current List of CFR Parts Affected" (on left frame) → browse list

W Use "History" KeyCite link (red flag) on left frame to display any changes after "current through" date

L Search FR source for the CFR citation, restricting to period after "current through" date

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