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Current Sources for Federal Court Decisions

Prepared by Frank Houdek, SIU Law Library — January 2007

Level of Court Name of Court Print Source Westlaw* LexisNexis* Internet

District Court
(e.g., S.D. Ill.)

Federal Supplement, 1932 to date (F. Supp., F. Supp. 2d)

  • Dist. Court Cases—after 1944
  • Dist. Court Cases—by circuit
  • Dist Court Cases—by state/territory
  • US Dist. Court Cases, Combined
  • Dist. Court Cases—by circuit
  • Dist. Court Cases—by state

U.S. Court Links (can select by type of court & location)

Federal Rules Decisions, 1938 to date (F.R.D.)


Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Reporter, 1979 to date (B.R.)

  • Bankruptcy Cases—by circuit
  • Bankruptcy Courts

US Bankruptcy Court Cases

U.S. Court Links (can select by type of court & location)


Courts of Appeals (e.g., 7th Cir., D.C. Cir.) [formerly Circuit Courts of Appeals]

Federal Reporter, 1891 to date (F., F.2d, F.3d)

  • US Courts of Appeals Cases
  • Courts of Appeals Cases—by circuit
  • US Courts of Appeals Cases, Combined
  • Circuit Court Cases—by circuit

U.S. Court Links (can select by type of court & location)

Federal Appendix, 2001 to date (F. App'x)

US Courts of Appeals Cases, Unreported


Supreme Court

  • United States Reports, 1790 to date (U.S.)
  • Supreme Court Reporter, 1882 to date (S. Ct.)
  • United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition, 1790 to date (L. Ed., L. Ed. 2d)

All US Supreme Court Cases

US Supreme Court Cases, Lawyers' Edition

* select most specific database possible that will satisfy your research needs (i.e., don't use US Dist. Court Cases Combined if you are looking for district court cases from Illinois)

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