Sharing your photos of the annual meeting

If you would like to contribute photos to the AALL Gateway group on Flickr, email me at dmurley@siu.edu to request a Flickr invitation. I will send you an invitation email from Flickr. Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.

Flickr has an extensive FAQ, from which I have extracted some basic tips on getting started with Flickr, uploading photos, and adding those photos to the AALL Gateway group.

  • To get started on Flickr, you need to sign in to Yahoo! (which owns Flickr).
  • If you don't have an Yahoo! ID, you will be directed to the Yahoo! registration page.
  • Once you complete your Yahoo! registration, at the Registration Completed page click on the continue to Yahoo! Flickr button.
  • Choose a Flickr screen name and sign in. Follow any of the links on the first page to get started.
  • If you are ready to upload some photos, click on Home in the top navigation bar, then follow the instructions below.

To upload photos:

  • go to flickr.com and sign in to Flickr
  • click Upload Photos
  • follow the onscreen instructions
  • edit your photo's Title, Description and Tags

To add one of your photos to the AALL Gateway group:

  • at Your Photos page, click on the photo
  • at the individual photo's page, click on the "Send to Group" button that you should see between the photo title and the photo itself, then choose AALL Gateway

If you are new to Flickr, your photos may not immediately appear in the AALL Gateway pool unless you are logged on. For a complete explanation, read this Flickr FAQ. To avoid the problem, upload at least five photos to Flickr as soon as possible. Your photos should start showing up within a short time.