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The following is a narrative description of the organization of this site, with links to key pages within the site, a summary of the accessibility standards and procedures followed in creating this site, and tips for navigating the pages within this site. We also have a separate guide on Using the SIU Law Library Website for Legal Research.

At the top of the pages on this site, you will find a link that allows you to skip over navigational links; the law school's logo and motto, "Established in the public interest ... serving the public good;" and a navigation bar that begins with a link to this page. At the bottom of the pages is another navigation bar, ending with a link to the site map, and contact information.

The home page is divided into three columns. The left column has a Quick Search of the SIU Law Library Catalog, with links to other search types and other library catalogs, followed by links to popular Research Starting Points and other Subscription Electronic Resources. The center column has links to the Law Library's blog, "Law Dawg Blawg," Legal Resources on the Web, and our Research and How-To Guides. The right column has information on using the Law Library, links to sites and information that may be especially helpful to nonlawyers, and contact and other information about the Law Library. Link to text version of home page.

There are seven main sections to this site: Subscription Electronic Resources; U.S. Government Information Websites; State and Local Government Information Websites; General Legal Websites; Topical Legal Websites; Research and How-To Guides; and FAQ, General Information, and Policies. The index page for each of these sections has a navigation bar down the left side with links to the SIU Law Library Catalog and each section's index page. Other pages within each section have a navigation bar down the left with those nine links plus links to other pages within the same section.

The Southern Illinois University School of Law Library is committed to making the information on its website accessible to all users. If you have a problem using any part of this site or have a comment or suggestion about this site, please email the Law Library Web Administrator. If you wish to contact a member of the SIU Law Library staff, see our departmental Contact Information or the Law Library Directory.

This site has been checked against the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards (IWAS) and using the Bobby online scan set to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. The Illinois Web Accessibility Standards are compliant with or exceed all of the Section 508 standards relating to Web-based internet information and applications. They also cover all Priority 1, most Priority 2, and one of the Priority 3 checkpoints of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, plus six additional Illinois guidelines.

Text on this site can be resized to meet your needs and preferences. skip instructions for resizing text The following instructions for resizing text are from the State of Illinois Accessibility Instructions web page:

If you are using Internet Explorer 5 or 6:

  1. Open Internet Explorer's "View" menu (or press Alt + V)
  2. Select "Text Size" (press X)
  3. Select "Largest" (press G)

(Large Fonts may be reset by following the same process and selecting "Medium" or pressing M)

If you are using Netscape 6x:

  1. Open Netscape's "View" menu (or press Alt + V)
  2. Select "Text Size"
  3. Select "Desired %"

Or Hold down the Ctrl key and press + or − to reach desired text size.

If you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, you can use the Tab key to move from link to link on any page on this site. Press the Enter key to follow a link. Alt + Left Arrow will take you back one page.

For the jump menus on the Law Library's home page, use the Tab key to get to the menu, the Up and Down arrows to move to your selection, then Tab to the "Go" button and press Enter to jump to the selected item.

Each image on this site is accompanied by a brief alt-text tag that describes the graphic or its function. Text hyperlinks are written to make sense when read out of context. Some tables are used for layout on this site, but the content of those tables is arranged to read correctly when linearized.

At the top of each page on this site, you can find a link that allows you to skip over navigational menus and a link to this page. When appropriate throughout the site, there are links to skip over other long lists of links. There is a link directly to the site map near the bottom of each page.


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