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Student Budget Increases

Student budget increases are discretionary and approved by the SIU Financial Aid Office; therefore, we strongly encourage you to speak with an Advisor within the Financial Aid Office regarding the possibility of your request. Be sure to get the "name" of the person you speak with.

• Computer purchase – This is a one-time allowance up to $1,500. The computer must be purchased from a retail or online retail store. You must attach an itemized receipt as proof of purchase, along with the Budget Increase for Computer Purchase form.

• Dependent Care – Students with dependent children may request additional funds to assist with expenses. You must attach a completed Dependent Care form.

• Maintenance prescription drugs – Students who are required to take prescription drugs on a maintenance basis may request a budget increase. You must attach copies of the maintenance prescription(s) showing drug name, the monthly cost of the prescription(s) and the doctor prescribing it.

• Medical, Dental, Optical expenses – Students who have necessary medical, dental or optical expenses not covered by insurance may request a budget increase. Budget increases will only be allowed for necessary treatment. You must attach a statement from the provider listing the service performed along with amount paid to provider.

• Private Health Insurance – Students who must carry a private health insurance policy because of a pre-existing condition may be eligible to add the cost of the insurance to their budget. You must attach documentation describing why the student is required to maintain the extra policy and a statement from the insurer showing the current annual premium charged and period covered.

• Bar Expenses - Third year law students may request a one-time budget increase for expenses paid to take one bar exam (this does not include bar preparation). Examples of allowable costs are: application fees (pre-registration if applicable) to take the exam (bar exam only & MPRE); background check; finger printing; transcripts; 2 night's hotel room during exam. You must attach copies of all expenses paid.

In order to secure funding for the increases listed above, you have 3 options.

• Use any remaining Federal Direct Loan money available to you ($20,500). You can access your financial aid records by logging into your SalukiNet account. Complete an Award Notice Change/Request Loan Form.
• Apply for an SIU Graduate PLUS Loan through the U.S. Department of Education; https:/
• Apply for a private educational loan of your choice. 

Checklist to submit documents to Financial Aid Office:

• Include transmittal form to Financial Aid Office
• Include appropriate documentation for source of funding
• Include supporting documentation for budget increase