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Field Experiences | School of Law | SIU

Field Experiences

Public Interest Externships

Students who enroll in the Public Interest Externship will work in a publicly-funded law office which provides public "service" type legal assistance. These include state's attorney offices, public defender offices, legal service offices, offices associated with a public university which have licensed attorneys on staff, such as the SIU Legal Counsel, SIU Student Attorney or the SIU Athletic Department.

Judicial Externships

The Judicial Externship Clinic provides a unique opportunity for law students to learn about the legal system by working for a sitting judge. While experiences vary from chambers to chambers, most placements allow externs to hone their research and writing skills while learning how judges make decisions and observing a wide range of courtroom proceedings.


Our Semester-in-Practice programs allow students to study away from the law school in Carbondale while earning a full semester’s academic credit. Each program combines a substantial externship opportunity with courses related to a particular field of study.

Illinois Innocence Project

The innocence project reviews evidence and uses post-conviction advanced forensic DNA testing. Evidence is reviewed for eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, ineffective counsel, unreliable forensic evidence and misconduct by prosecutors and police. If a case is taken the services are provided for free.

Immigration Detention Project

Several times each year, SIU law students have the opportunity to volunteer to visit the Tri‐County Justice & Detention Center in Ullin, IL to meet with the immigration detainees being held there by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.