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Health Law & Policy

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer A. Brobst

To complete the Specialization in Health Law and receive a transcript notation and certificate acknowledging the completion of the Specialization, students must complete at least 15 credits from the Approved List of Health Law Courses.

The minimum 15 credits must include:

  • Health Law Courses: at least 9 credits
  • Writing: at least 3 credits
  • Experiential Learning: at least 3 credits

Approved List of Health Law Courses

1. Health Law Courses (at least 9 credits)

Students are required to take at least two of three “core” health law courses including:

  • Health Policy
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Bioethics and the Law

Students may fulfill their 9-credit-hour course requirement by taking all three of the “core courses,” or by taking two of the “core courses,” and one health law-related course from the following list (as available):

  • Mental Health Law
  • Disability Law
  • Health Care Legislation
  • Regulation of Health Care Professionals
  • Public Health Law, Insurance Law or Senior Seminar: Not for Profit Corporations.
  • Other relevant courses (including summer courses at SIU or elsewhere) have to be approved by the associate dean, in consultation with the faculty advisor for Health Law Specialization.

2. Health Law Writing

Students are required to undertake a writing course involving a health law topic with a minimum of 3 credit hours. The student may satisfy this requirement with any of the following:

  • Senior Seminar
  • Independent Study
  • Writing an article as a staff member of the Journal of Legal Medicine or the SIU Law Journal

  • Health law course that has been approved to meet our writing requirement (e.g., Health Care Legislation) or Advanced Appellate Advocacy which uses the Health Law Moot Court problem each year.

3. Experiential Learning

Students must complete a skills/experiential learning component for a minimum of 3 credit hours. The student may satisfy this requirement with any of the following:

  • Civil Practice (Elder Law) Clinic
  • Domestic Violence Clinic
  • Public Interest Externship in a health-related area (e.g., Medical Legal Partnership of Southern Illinois at Land of Lincoln Legal Services)
  • Semester in Practice Externship: Health Law and Policy

4. Extracurricular Activities

Students must participate in designated extracurricular activities as follows:

  • Membership for at least one academic year in the Law and Medicine Society
  • Attendance while a law student at least four designated School of Law health law events or activities including but not limited to the annual Dr. Arthur Grayson Distinguished Lecture and the John and Marsha Ryan Bioethicist in Residence Lecture.