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Student Activities

International Law Society

The International Law Society hopes to educate themselves and their fellow students in the principles and purposes of International Law, international organizations and institutions, and the comparison of legal systems, to acquaint those students intending to pursue careers in International Law with the opportunities available to them.

Immigration Detention Project

Several times each year, SIU law students have the opportunity to volunteer to visit the Tri‐County Justice & Detention Center in Ullin, IL to meet with the immigration detainees being held there by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Students receive some basic training in immigration detention issues prior to each trip. While at Tri‐County, one of the project leaders makes a “Know Your Rights” presentation to the immigration detainees. Written “Know Your Rights” packets which provide basic legal information in several different languages are distributed to the detainees. 

The law students then conduct individual intake interviews with any interested detainees to assess whether the detainees’ legal needs are being met. This project is coordinated with the National Immigration Justice Center, based in Chicago, which provides follow up legal services for many of the detainees who have meritorious cases.