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Courses in International Law

International Law

Law 558, 3 hours - Professor Cindy Buys
This course introduces students to the rules and processes governing relations between states and between private parties located in different states in the international system. Subjects include the rules and sources of international law; how international law is made, implemented and enforced; the interaction between international law and U.S. law; international and nongovernmental organizations; and international dispute resolutions.

International Business Transactions

Law 559, 3 hours (SKL) - Professor Cindy Buys
Assistant Professor Michael Koehler
This course is designed to introduce students to international law as it relates to private business transactions. It covers the international sale and purchase of goods; national and internationalregulation of international business transactions, including trade, licensing and investment; and resolution of international business disputes. The course introduces students to negotiation and drafting of international business agreements.

Senior Writing Seminar, (International White Collar Crime)

Law 590, 3 hours (REQ) Assistant Professor Lucian Dervan
This course requires the preparation of a written research paper of publishable quality on a topic chosen by the student and approved by the instructor. Several seminars are offered every year in various subject areas. Senior priority, enrollment usually limited to 12. Course may also be taken for elective credit.

Immigration Law

Law 593, 3 hours - Professor Cindy Buys
This course familiarizes students with the law relating to the admission to and removal from the  U.S. of non-citizens. It covers the roles and powers of the different branches of government in the development of immigration law and policy. Topics include the constitutional rights of noncitizens, family and employment-sponsored immigration, bases for exclusion and removal, asylum, and citizenship.

Immigration Law Practice Experience

Law 593C, 1 hour - Professor Cindy Buys
This course offers one hour of S/U credit for experiential learning for up to three immigration law students per semester. Student(s) will assist with the Immigration Detention Project and other immigration law-related activities, including conducting research, arranging translators, giving presentations, grant writing and reporting, and other tasks. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: Law 593 (Immigration Law). Graded S/U.

International Criminal Law

Law 606, 3 hours - Assistant Professor Chris Behan
Assistant Professor Lucian Dervan
This course will examine international criminal law, in particular substantive crimes, tribunals for prosecution, and domestic and international jurisdiction over offenses. The course goal is for students to develop an understanding of the issues involved in balancing the prosecution of international crimes with the interests of state sovereignty and the primacy of domestic criminal law. Prerequisite: Law 516 (Criminal Law).

Current Developments in International Law: Human Rights

Law 608, 1 to 3 hours - Professor Cindy Buys
This course will focus on current developments in International Law. Most recently, the focus has been on the laws, legal regimes and institutions governing international human rights.  The study of human rights includes the theoretical foundations of human rights as well as the continuing evolution of these rights.  The course considers how the protection of these rights is or is not made effective by the international community through international, regional, and national regimes and evaluates the impact of non-state actors such as non-governmental organizations and corporations on human rights. 

Current Developments in International Law: Property & Economic Development

Law 609, 1 to 3 hours - Associate Professor Mark Schultz
This course will focus on current developments in International Law.