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Center for Health Law & Policy

The Health Law Program at the Southern Illinois University Schoolof Law was developed in the early 1980s to advance education and research regarding critical issues in health law and public policy and medical ethics. After dedicating more than twenty years to teaching, research, and service activities addressing healthcare regulation, patient safety and medical liability, bioethics, public health, mental health, and food and drug law, the SIU School of Law formally established the Center for Health Law and Policy in 2004.


The Center for Health Law and Policy is dedicated to: 

  • Establishing public and private sector partnerships that address the state’s needs and strengthen the University’s leadership role in the region.

Major support for the Health Law and Policy program comes from the Garwin Family Foundation, Southern Illinois Healthcare, and the American College of Legal Medicine. Contact Tom Britton, our Director of Development, at (618) 453-8980 or 521-5853, for more information about opportunities to support the work of the Center. 

Jennifer A. Brobst 

Program Assistant:
Paula Hartsock