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Lucian E. Dervan

Assistant Professor of Law





Peeling the Orange: White Collar Crime Trial Problem (forthcoming) (with Ellen S. Podgor).


"Different Crime, Different Time: The Prison Experiences of White Collar Criminals," in Experiencing Prison, edited by Diana Medlicott and Rob Fisher. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2012 (forthcoming).

"Investigating and Prosecuting White-Collar Crime," in Oxford Handbook of White-Collar Crime, edited by Neal Shover and Shanna R. Van Slyke. Oxford University Press, 2012 (forthcoming) (with Ellen S. Podgor).

"Global Bribery: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act," in Internal Investigations, edited by Thomas C. Knierim, Markus Ruebenstahl, and Michael Tsambikakis. 684-701. Heidelberg: C.F. Muller Verlag, 2012 (with Markus Ruebenstahl and Hannah Milena Piel).

"The 21st Century World of White Collar Criminal Defense Careers," in Criminal Justice, edited by Ellen Brotman, 39-44. American Bar Association, 2010.

"Plea Bargaining’s Survival: Financial Crimes Plea Bargaining, A Continued Triumph in a Post-Enron World," in Corporate Crimes: Prosecutorial Issues, edited by R. Satyanarayana, 174-219. Amicus Books, 2010.


"The Innocent Defendant's Dilemma: An Innovative Empirical Study of Plea Bargaining's Innocence Problem." 103 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 1-48 (2013) (with Vanessa A. Edkins).

"White Collar Over-Criminalization: Deterrence, Plea Bargaining, and the Loss of Innocence." 101 Kentucky Law Journal 543-571 (2013).

"Pleading Innocents: Laboratory Evidence of Plea Bargaining’s Innocence Problem." 21 Current Research in Social Psychology (2013) (with Vanessa A. Edkins),

“Bargained Justice: Plea Bargaining’s Innocence Problem and the Brady Safety-Valve.” 2012 Utah Law Review 51-97.

"International White Collar Crime and the Globalization of Internal Investigations." 39 Fordham Urban Law Journal 361-389 (2011).

“Reevaluating Corporate Criminal Liability: The DOJ’s Internal Moral-Culpability Standard for Corporate Criminal Liability.” 41 Stetson Law Review 7-20 (2011).

“Over-Criminalization 2.0: The Role of Plea Bargaining.” Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy 645-655 (2011).

"American Prison Culture in an International Context: An Examination of Prisons in America, the Netherlands, and Israel." 22 Stanford Law & Policy Review 413-428 (2011).

"The Surprising Lessons from Plea Bargaining in the Shadow of Terror." 27 Georgia State University Law Review 239-298 (2011).

"Information Warfare and Civilian Populations: Can the Law of War Adapt to a New Generation of Weaponry?" 3 Goettingen Journal of International Law 373-396 (2011).

"A Dedication to Service: An Introduction to Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary G. Grindler’s Commencement Address." 34 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 797-798 (2010).

"Responding to Potential Employee Misconduct in the Age of the Whistleblower: Foreseeing and Avoiding Hidden Dangers." 3 Bloomberg Corporate Law Journal 670-679 (2008).

"Plea Bargaining’s Survival: Financial Crimes Plea Bargaining, A Continued Triumph in a Post-Enron World." 60 Oklahoma Law Review 451-489 (2007) (Lead Article).

"Georgia’s Noble Revolution: Three Governors, Two Armies, the Georgia Supreme Court and the Gubernatorial Election of 1946." 15 Journal of Southern Legal History 167-258 (2007).

"Watching Your Step: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Perils When Conducting Internal Investigations." 16 ALAS Loss Prevention Journal 2-11 (Summer 2005) (with Paul B. Murphy), reprinted in two parts in 13 Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (No. 12, Dec. 2005) and 14 Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (No. 1, Jan. 2006).

"Three Governors: Herman Talmadge, the Georgia Supreme Court and the Gubernatorial Election of 1946." 8 Georgia Bar Journal 41-45 (December 2002).

"Selective Conceptions of Federalism: The Selective Use of History in the Supreme Court’s States’ Rights Opinions." 50 Emory Law Journal 1295-1329 (2001) (student work).






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